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Plastic Injection

At Nicholas Plastics de México, we have a comprehensive service, in which the customer can request manufacture of the parts required by the plastic injection process.

We currently have two plastic injections machines, which allows us to manufacture any plastic product in high volumes, either a product that we handle online or a new product.

Injection Mold Manufacturing

NICHOLAS PLASTICS DE MEXICO - Inyección de plástico
Nicholas Plastics de México, we develop and manufacture injection molds in order to manufacture in high volumes your injected plastic part.

We manufacture the tooling with high quality materials according the technical specifications provided by our customers from simple tooling to high complexity.

We have an internal maintenance workshop and an external one which allows us to work in a more direct way and providing the tooling with preventive maintenance in order to obtain a better life cycle for your product, our Engineering and Maintenance department work hand in hand to any modification or change that the client requires in his injection mold. We develop your project in an integral way.

Our work scheme is to offer a complete service that goes from the development and manufacture of the plastic injection mold, to the mass production of injected plastic product.